JPIC International is a part of the Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture, an organization founded in 1991 with the aim of promoting the work of the Japanese publishing industry and encouraging lifelong learning through reading.

At JPIC International we specialize in the English translation, production, and publication of Japanese works for a global audience, bringing Japanese books into constructive dialogue with the wider international community. Our team has been involved in the publication of over 100 titles, primarily nonfiction, in addition to several original essay anthologies. Furthermore, we provide support for copyright exports of Japanese publications to overseas publishers, organize events and lectures, and conduct book donation projects.

E-J Translation and Production

Drawing on a wide range of experience publishing academic, art, and commercial titles, we manage the complete production process in close collaboration with companies across the publishing industry, from rights to translation, editorial to book design.


From online retail to physical availability at bookshops in Japan and abroad, we make our publications available to as many potential customers as we can through our domestic and international distribution channels.


We provide full support and mediation on copyright exports, from rights handling to finding a publisher. Previous companies and institutions we have worked with include: Columbia University Press, University of Michigan Press, Routledge (Taylor and Francis), Palgrave MacMillan, and Lynne Rienner.

Academic conferences and book fairs

We have exhibited at book fairs, conferences, and conventions all over the world, meeting and speaking directly with readers and researchers from all disciplines. Past participation includes conferences for the Association for Asian Studies (AAS), European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS), International Studies Association (ISA), European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists (EAJRS), and the Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurter Buchmesse; FBM).

Events and speaking engagements

We help organize events and lectures in collaboration with foreign universities, research institutions and international organizations. We also conduct and coordinate speaking engagements featuring JPIC authors.

English-language PR materials

We produce a yearly English-language book catalogue and leaflet, along with regular newsletters targeting Japanese studies scholars and English-language readers overseas.

Library donation

We carry out necessary English-language logistics management for large-scale donation to libraries and academic institutions overseas, including international shipping arrangements and handling customs enquiries. We also produce back-end materials such as lists of book donation recipients and surveys.

1. Japan Library Series (2014–2021)

The JAPAN LIBRARY series was a collection of specially selected Japanese works in English, providing a broad range of titles from the vast canon of nonfiction—politics, foreign policy, social sciences, culture, philosophy, science and technology, and more. Through initial translation and global distribution to libraires and universities, these works were made more accessible to a wider audience, providing a useful start in fostering and enriching mutual discussion and understanding of Japan.

2. JIIA Series (2018–present)

The Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA) translation series aims to bring current research on issues of Japanese territory, sovereignty, and history into the English language. In 2018 the series began with translated manuscripts used for educational purposes in need of publication. We thoroughly review these manuscripts, starting with editing in addition to translation and original composition where necessary. Once published, the books are donated to libraries, think tanks, and diplomatic institutions all around the world.

3. Read Japan Project (2018–present)

The Read Japan Project was initiated by the Nippon Foundation in 2008 "to promote the understanding of Japan around the world through books." Eligible applicants submit their applications after being recommended by a Japanese diplomatic mission. In 2018, we began assisting the Nippon Foundation and now the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research with coordinating the donation of thousands of books to libraries all over the world, solving many challenges presented by language and logistics. By boat or plane, from Austria to Zambia, we make sure these important books arrive at their destination where they will hopefully inspire and educate future generations.

4. Tokyo Rights Meeting (2023–present)

Tokyo Rights Meeting brings together publishers and literary agencies from Japan and abroad to discuss the licensing of Japanese works. Since 2023, JPIC has taken on the role of secretariat to help connect the Japanese publishing industry with the rest of the world.

At JPIC International we welcome opportunities to collaborate with companies and businesses from all sectors, whether here in Japan or overseas. For examples of the kinds of project we have worked on in the past, please see the "Our Projects" section of this page. We actively encourage proposals of all kinds and look forward to discussing them with you further.

If you are interested in working with us or have a proposal for a project, please get in touch using our details on the Contact page.