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The Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture (hereinafter "JPIC") recognizes that, in the course of promoting lifelong learning related to the publishing industry and reading activities, conducting surveys and research related to the publishing industry and reading activities, developing human resources, and collecting and providing information, the protection and proper handling of personal information entrusted to us by clients and consumers and compliance with all applicable laws is imperative. JPIC therefore states both internally and publicly that it will implement the following measures to ensure the appropriate protection of personal information.

  1. JPIC will acquire personal information in a lawful and fair manner. JPIC will not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the specified usage purposes and will take measures to ensure that this is done.
    The usage purposes specified by JPIC are as described in the document 'Handling of Personal Information.'
    JPIC will not provide personal information it has been entrusted with to third parties without the consent of the person concerned, except as required or permitted by law.
  2. JPIC will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other Japanese laws, national guidelines, and relevant norms including industry guidelines relating to the protection of personal data.
  3. JPIC has established internal regulations and accountability systems and has put in place appropriate security measures to prevent the leakage, loss or damage of personal information. These security measures are regularly reviewed and any deficiencies corrected.
  4. In order to implement this policy, JPIC will establish a personal data protection management system*, including this policy and rules and regulations concerning the protection of personal data. JPIC will ensure that all employees (officers, staff, contractors, temporary staff, part-timers, etc.; hereinafter "Employees") are familiar with this system, implement and maintain it, and continuously improve it.
  5. JPIC will instruct Employees on the importance of protecting personal information, appoint a person responsible for the protection of personal information in each department that handles personal information, and endeavor to manage said personal information appropriately.
  6. If you have any complaints or queries about our handling of your personal data, please contact us using the information below and we will deal with them promptly.
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* the "personal data protection management system" refers to a series of mechanisms for protecting personal information, including policy formulation, system development, planning, implementation, inspection, and review

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last revised: 01.11.2021

Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture
Kondo Toshitaka, Chairman

Handling of Personal Information

1.Site operator

Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture

2.Name or title, affiliation, and contact details of the data manager

Personal data protection manager Director (Executive Director)
(For contact details, please refer to section 9).

3.Personal data usage purposes

JPIC will handle personal data within the scope of the following usage purposes, except as required or permitted by law.

  1. Usage purposes of personal information obtained by means other than direct written consent from the individual
    ① To properly carry out the entrusted work in the event of an outsourcing contract, etc.
  2. Usage purposes of personal information subject to disclosure
    ① Regarding the handling of client personal data
     a) To contact the client regarding transactions, etc.
     b) To verify client identity and respond to client enquiries
     c) To provide online shopping services such as purchase of products, shipping, distribution of newsletters, etc.
    ② Regarding the handling of personal data belonging to prospective and current Employees
     a) To contact those who wish to receive information on recruitment and the selection process
     b) For human resource management and to provide Employee benefits
    ③ For other purposes not stipulated above and agreed in advance with the individual concerned

4.Provision of personal data to third parties

JPIC will not provide personal data to third parties without the express consent of the individual, except as required by law.

5.Joint use of personal data

JPIC will not share personal data without the express consent of the individual.

6.Outsourcing of personal data

JPIC may outsource part of its work in the course of its business operations in order to provide better services to its customers and clients. In such cases, personal information may be entrusted to the outsourced company. In such cases, JPIC will select a contractor that meets appropriate data protection standards, conclude a contract for protection of personal data, and thoroughly oversee the contractor.

7.Requests for the disclosure, correction, addition, or deletion of personal data

JPIC will respond in good faith and in accordance with the law to requests from the individual concerned for notification or disclosure of usage purposes of personal data, or for correction, addition, deletion, cessation of use, elimination, and cessation of provision to third parties (hereinafter collectively referred to as 'disclosure, etc.') of personal data.
Requests for disclosure, etc. of personal information should be made via the contact details listed in Section 9. Upon receipt of the request, JPIC will send the necessary documents for the desired action regarding the individual's personal information.
Please note that for requests for disclosure, etc., or personal information, a document confirming the identity of the individual concerned or his/her representative is required.
In addition, for requests for notification of the usage purposes of personal data or disclosure of your personal data held by JPIC, the following fees apply.

MediumHandling fee
In writing¥1,000 (incl. tax) per personal data item

8.Complaints and consultation about personal data

For complaints and requests for consultation regarding the handling of personal data, please use the contact details listed in section 9.

9.Contact details

For requests for disclosure, etc. of personal information, complaints, or consultation about personal data usage or handling, please use the contact details below.

ContactJPIC Privacy Policy Contact Weekdays 10:00~17:00
AddressKyodo Bldg., Jinbocho 4F, 2-2-30 Kanda-Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051, Japan
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10.Voluntary basis of personal data provision

The provision of personal information to JPIC is voluntary. However, please note that should the required information not be provided to JPIC, JPIC may not be able respond to enquiries or questions.


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last revised: 01.10.2022

一般財団法人出版文化産業振興財団 個人情報保護方針


  1. 当財団は、個人情報を適法かつ公正な方法で取得するものとし、特定した利用目的の達成に必要な範囲を超えた個人情報の取扱い(目的外利用)を行わないこと及びそのための措置を講じます。
  2. 当財団は、個人情報保護法を初めとした個人情報保護に関係する日本の法令、国が定める指針その他の関連規範(業界ガイドライン等)を遵守します。
  3. 当財団は、個人情報の漏えい、滅失またはき損などを防止するため、社内規程や責任体制を定め、適正な安全対策を講じます。また、安全対策は定期的に内容を点検し、不備があれば是正を行います。
  4. 当財団は、この方針を実行するため、個人情報保護マネジメントシステム(本方針、個人情報保護に関する規程・規則等を含む)を確立し、これを従業者(役員、職員、契約社員、派遣職員、パートタイマー等。以下「従業者」という)に周知徹底させて実施・維持するとともに、継続的に改善します。
  5. 当財団は、個人情報保護の重要性について従業者に対する教育を実施するほか、個人情報を取り扱う組織ごとに個人情報保護の責任者を置き、個人情報の適切な管理に努めます。
  6. 当財団は、当財団に対し個人情報の取扱いに関する苦情及びご相談がある場合は、以下の窓口にて適切かつ迅速に対応します。
窓口当財団 お問合せ窓口 平日 10:00~17:00
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制定日:2011年6月 2日
改訂日:2021年11月 1日

理事長 近藤 敏貴





個人情報保護管理責任者 理事(業務執行理事)



  1. 個人情報を本人から直接書面で取得する場合以外の方法で取得した個人情報の利用目的
    ① 委託された場合などにおいて、委託された業務を適切に遂行するため。
  2. 開示対象の個人情報の利用目的
    ① お取引先様の個人情報の取扱いについて
     a) お取引等に関する連絡のため
     b) お問合せ時のご本人確認ならびに対応のため
     c) オンラインショップサービスの提供(商品購入、発送、メルマガ配信等)
    ② 当財団の採用応募者ならびに従業者の個人情報の取扱いについて
     a) 採用に関する情報の提供を希望する方への連絡、および採用選考のため
     b) 従業者の人事・労務管理、福利厚生のため
    ③ その他ご本人に事前にご同意いただいた目的のため














窓口当財団 お問合せ窓口 平日 10:00~17:00
住所〒101-0051 東京都千代田区神田神保町2-2-30 共同ビル神保町4F





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