Examining Heisei Japan, Vol. II

Examining Heisei Japan, Vol. II


Supervised by Kitaoka Shinichi
Edited by Iio Jun

JIIA series
Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture

Political Science

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ISBN 9784866582474
257 mm x 182 mm / 268 pp. / November 2023

Beginning as the Cold War entered its final thaw and ending shortly before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Heisei era saw thirty years of considerable social upheaval and significant shifts in the political landscape. Cabinet after cabinet faced significant challenges in steering Japan through domestic issues, from scandal, internal conflict, and large-scale governmental reorganization to natural disaster and a financial sector in crisis, and in addressing pressing questions over Japan’s vital relationship with the US and with Asia at large. What can be learned from the political upheaval of Japan’s Heisei era? And how did these years come to define the present political environment? The second in the Examining Heisei Japan series, this volume assembles a wealth of contemporary insights and scholarly articles by respected Japanese academics and political scientists, revisiting key events to shed new light on these pivotal three decades in Japanese politics.

Examining Heisei Japan series
This series, carried out in collaboration with the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA), looks back at Japan's Heisei period (1989–2019) and the many changes and challenges that occured in the fields of diplomacy and security (vol. I), politics (vol. II), economy (vol. III), and society and culture (vol. IV). For more information on our book series with JIIA click here.

KITAOKA Shinichi (Supervisor)
Kitaoka Shinichi is professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo and Rikkyo University and special advisor to the president of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). He received his PhD in modern Japanese politics and diplomacy from the University of Tokyo and subsequently taught at Rikkyo University and his alma mater. He has held posts as Japan’s ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary, and the deputy representative to the United Nations and president of the International University of Japan. He held the post of JICA president from 2015 to 2022. He has authored many English publications, including The Political History of Modern Japan: Foreign Relations and Domestic Politics (Routledge, 2018) and From Party Politics to Militarism in Japan, 1924–1941 (Lynne Rienner, 2021), and was supervising editor for A Western Pacific Union: Japan’s New Geopolitical Strategy (JPIC, 2023).

IIO Jun (Editor)
Iio Jun is professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS). He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Tokyo, from where he also received his MA and PhD in political science. He has previously worked as associate professor at the Graduate School of Policy Science, Saitama University. He is the co-editor of Policy Analysis in Japan (Policy Press, 2015) together with Adachi Yukio and Hosono Sukehiro. His research interests include Japanese party politics, the role of the bureaucracy in the Japanese political system, and comparative public policy.

INOGUCHI Takashi is former president of the University of Niigata Prefecture, professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo, eminent scholar-professor at J. F. Oberlin University (Tokyo), and senior fellow of research and development at Chuo University.

KABASHIMA Ikuo is governor of Kumamoto Prefecture (fourth term) and emeritus professor of the University of Tokyo.

KAMIKAWA Ryūnoshin is professor at the Graduate School of Law and Politics, Osaka University.

MACHIDORI Satoshi is professor of political science at Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Law.

MAKIHARA Izuru is professor at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST), University of Tokyo.

MIKURIYA Takashi is a fellow at the University of Tokyo’s Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST), professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo, and a member of the board of directors of Suntory Holdings Ltd.

NAKAKITA Kōji is professor at the Faculty of Law, Chuo University.

NAKANO Minoru (1943–2001) was a political scientist who taught at the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Law, the Ibaraki University's Faculty of Humanities, and Meiji Gakuin University's Faculty of Law.

NONAKA Naoto is professor at Gakushūin University’s Faculty of Law.

SAKAIYA Shirō is professor of Japanese politics in the Graduate Schools for Law and Politics, University of Tokyo.

SASAKI Takeshi is professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo, president of the Japan Academy, and recipient of the Order of Culture.

SASSA Atsuyuki (1930–2018) was the first director general of the Cabinet Security Affairs Office (1986–89).

SHINKAWA Toshimitsu is professor of politics at Hosei University, emeritus professor at Kyoto University, and the former president of the Japan Association for Comparative Politics (JACP).

SHINODA Tomohito is professor at the Graduate School of International Relations at the International University of Japan (IUJ) in Niigata, Japan.

SHINOHARA Hajime (1925–2015) was a political scientist and longtime professor at the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Law.

SUGAWARA Taku is an independent political scientist and active political commentator through various media.

TAKENAKA Harukata is professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Tokyo, and Editorial Planning Committee chair of

TANAKA Aiji is professor of political science and president of Waseda University.

TANAKA Naoki is president of the Center for International Public Policy Studies (CIPPS).

TANIGUCHI Masaki is professor of political science at the Graduate Schools for Law and Politics, University of Tokyo, and president of the Nippon Institute for Research Advancement (NIRA).

UENOHARA Hideaki is associate professor in the Faculty of Human Sciences at Bunkyō University.

YAMAGUCHI Jirō is professor of political science at Hosei University and a board member for the New Diplomacy Initiative (ND).

YAYAMA Tarō is a political commentator and chairman of the Japan Forum for Strategic Studies (JFSS).

JIIA series
Political Science

Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture

¥3,800 + tax
ISBN 9784866582474
257 mm x 182 mm / 268 pp. / November 2023

ISBN 9784866581712 (ePub)
ISBN 9784866581729 (PDF)

Foreword / Preface // Part I: Political Reform and the Anti-LDP Coalitions / 1. The Day the Mountains Moved / 2. Beyond the Politics of Saying No / 3. Following Through on Electoral Reform / 4. The Rise and Fall of “Reformist Governments”: Hosokawa and Hata, 1993–1994 // Part II: Partisan Realignment and Institutional Reform / 1. Fault Lines in Our Emergency Management System / 2. Japan’s Decision-Making under the Coalition Governments / 3. National Political Reform in the 1990s: Political Revolution from Above / 4. Two Faces of the Japanese Electorate: The Organized Voters versus the Unorganized Voters on the Process of Partisan Realignment/Dealignment // Part III: Top-Down Leadership and a Nascent Two-Party System / 1. Manifestoes as a Means of Reforming Japanese Politics / 2. The 1990s Reforms Have Transformed Japanese Politics / 3. Political Reform in Japan / 4. The Politics of Pension Retrenchment in Japan / 5. Lessons from the LDP Landslide / 6. Koizumi Ushers In the “2005 Setup” / 7. What’s Gone Wrong with the Abe Administration? // Part IV: The DPJ at the Helm / 1. Who Ended the LDP’s Reign? / 2. What Will the Change of Government Bring to Japanese Politics? / 3. The Manifesto: Why Was the DPJ Unable to Keep Its Campaign Promises? / 4. The Failure of the Democratic Party of Japan: The Negative Effects of the Predominant Party System // Part V: “Kantei Leadership” and the Twilight of Heisei / 1. The Role of the Kantei in Policymaking / 2. Institutional Foundation for the Abe Government’s Political Power: The Development of Prime Ministerial Control and Responsibility for National Policy / 3. An Inside View from the Advisory Council: Looking Back at the Seven Months that Decided the Emperor’s Future // Chronology of the Heisei Era / About the Supervisor, Editor, and Authors

『論文集 平成日本を振り返る 第二巻 政治(オリジナル編集版)』

責任編集・著者:飯尾 潤
著:猪口 孝、上ノ原秀晃、蒲島郁夫、上川龍之進、境家史郎、佐々木 毅、
佐々淳行、信田智人、篠原 一、新川敏光、菅原 琢、竹中治堅、田中愛治、田中直毅、谷口将紀、中北浩爾、中野 実、野中尚人、牧原 出、待鳥聡史、御厨 貴、山口二郎、屋山太郎(五十音順)

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