English Series with JIIA

Since 2018, we have been working with the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA) on an English publication series. So far, 18 titles have been published with one having been published in collaboration with a US-based publisher. Below is a list of the titles that can be found on the JPIC International homepage as well as JIIA's website (Japanese only).


Okazaki Hisahiko series

Within the JIIA series is a collection of books by Okazaki Hisahiko, profiling important figures in Japan's diplomatic history.

※Althought part of the collection of books by Okazaki Hisahiko, the additional title Mutsu Munemitsu and His Time was published via the Japan Library series.

Examining Heisei Japan series

Also within the JIIA series is a planned collection of original anthologies covering different aspects of Heisei-era Japan: diplomacy and security, economy, politics, and society and culture.